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Launching a new business, professional practice or creative studio is an exciting experience, but one that presents many challenges as well. What is the best business structure? How can I protect my business and personal assets? How can I protect my creative work? Needless to say, having the advice and guidance of a reliable business law attorney is invaluable.

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Legal Services for Entrepreneurs

Kimberly Shin Law Firm PLLC provides comprehensive legal services to small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs. Whether you're forming a new business, negotiating and drafting agreements, or protecting trade secrets and intellectual property, it is crucial to plan ahead. We leverage our legal knowledge and negotiation skills to help our clients understand their rights and responsibilities.

Focused on the Details

Effectively operating a small business is also a matter of managing day-to-day legal obligations. We work with you to develop a detailed plan to protect your business and personal assets. By working with our firm, you will have peace of mind knowing that we took care of the details so you can focus on growing your business.

Planning for Today & Tomorrow

Kimberly Shin Law Firm PLLC works with clients through all phases of their business cycle. We provide guidance on selecting the right business entity, preparing the necessary foundational documents, and negotiating and drafting essential agreements. This includes partnership agreements, buy/sell agreements, and vendor agreements, among others. We also advise clients at the other end of the business spectrum on matters such as asset sales, wind downs, and dissolutions.

Communication is Key

Legally protecting your business is an ongoing responsibility. We don't incorporate your business and then leave you to handle the rest. We want to stay in touch to ensure you never lose your limited liability status.

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If you have an established business, are launching a new venture, or looking to sell a digital product and protect your rights, you need the professional guidance that we are uniquely qualified to provide. Moreover, most services at Kimberly Shin Law Firm PLLC are provided on a flat fee basis. Call our office today or complete the contact form on our website to schedule a consultation.

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